Dog – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: Charlene22

Overall Luck

The power of the auspicious stars of the nobles is blessed, but the year when the Tai Sui coincides is also prone to side issues, and the fortune of wealth is like [three more poor, five more rich/三更穷、五更富], it is advisable to accumulate grain to prevent hunger.


In the year of [Tai Sui/合太岁], new cooperation opportunities are likely to appear, and migrant workers will also be eager to move and have the idea of ​​starting a business, but it is always a year of frequent changes. No matter what you do or invest in plans, there will be hidden dangers. It is recommended that people who belong to the dog need to adjust their mentality Face it with a normal mind, and it is not advisable to set the goal too high. You must think carefully before making an important decision. Even if you insist on launching new investment projects, you can only make a small fortune. Do not dabble in high-risk speculation. In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, there will be the evil star of [Violent Defeat/暴败] flying. This star sometimes means good times and bad times. It is necessary to increase income and reduce expenditure, accumulate grain to prevent hunger, and it is not suitable for customers to borrow money on credit.


In the year of Guimao, there is a group of auspicious stars named [Sui He/岁合], [Zi Wei/紫微] and [Long De/龙德]. People who belong to the dog have a good relationship with their superiors and bosses, and they are expected to have room for development in their careers with the help of noble people, especially [Sui He/岁合] is a half peach blossom star, if you are engaged in insurance, real estate, intermediary, front-line sales, etc., you will be most rewarded, and you are expected to get support from customers and improve your performance. However, the Year of the Rabbit is always in the year of [He Tai Sui/合太岁], peers and subordinates are weak, and are easy to be entangled in right and wrong. It is recommended that people who belong to the dog need to be extra low-key in dealing with others, and should not be too aggressive. Keep in mind that maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships is the key to career. Development will be better.


In the year of Guimao, [Suihe/岁合] auspicious star enters the lord, this star belongs to the half-peach blossom star, and the love fortune of the single family is quite developed. In addition, there are [Ziwei/紫微] and [Longde/龙德] noble stars flying here, and the new year will pass through. The elders introduce a blind date and there is an opportunity to make friends, and you are expected to meet someone who is close to your eyes. If you want to get out of singles, you may wish to pay more attention to the people around you. However, in the Year of the Rabbit, there is also the [Violent Defeat/暴败] evil star ruling. This star represents ups and downs. Even if the relationship can be carried out smoothly, it is not too stable. Sometimes the situation is good and bad, and it takes more time and effort to maintain it. As for the married people who are lucky again, they should always restrain themselves, and should not be too enthusiastic about the opposite sex, so as not to cause love affairs outside the wall and destroy the mutual trust relationship with their partners. In addition, the Year of the Rabbit is also prone to disputes due to the opinions of family and friends or other external factors. Remember that honesty is the most important way to get along with a husband and wife. It is recommended to communicate more in everything to make it sweeter and more lasting.


The Year of the Rabbit belongs to [He Tai Sui/合太岁], and the year of the Dragon after that belongs to [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁]. Therefore, people who belong to the dog will experience two consecutive years of [Offending Tai Sui/犯太岁], which will have a greater impact on health and family luck. health management. If the Year of the Rabbit has traditional happy events such as getting married, adding a baby, or buying a property, your luck for the new year will be relatively stable. Otherwise, you should pay more attention to urban diseases in blood pressure, cholesterol and heart. It is recommended to have a detailed physical examination at the end of the Year of the Tiger. In addition, the conjunction of the year-pillars means frequent activities and social activities, and it is easy to have insufficient rest or weight gain. Fortunately, there are still nobles and auspicious stars in the Year of the Rabbit. Timing, to establish a regular pattern of life.

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Chinese Zodiac Dog Lucky Tips

  • In the year when the Tai Sui is in harmony, it is easy to hide evil in good fortune, so it is advisable to think carefully before starting a new cooperation.
  • [Ziwei/紫微] and [Longde/龙德] are in charge, the fortune of the nobles is strong, and the frontline work has better development.
  • [Violent Defeat/暴败] When the star is stationed, it is advisable to buy physical objects to preserve value, and place a cornucopia at home to stabilize wealth.
  • In the Year of the Rabbit, there are many charitable acts such as donating medicine and medicine, which will help stabilize personal health and family luck.
  • The Year of the Dragon after the Year of the Rabbit belongs to [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁], so it is advisable to make early preparations for the fourth season.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

1994: Year of Jiaxu/甲戌年 (Age 30)

The fortune is all-round good, the individual has a clear mind and strong analytical ability, and the career will have outstanding performance. Coupled with the more regular daily life, the health fortune has also improved. If you are single, you will have a breakthrough in your relationship, and you are expected to meet an eye-catching partner, so you might as well pay more attention to the people around you. However, when communicating with elders or colleagues, it is easy to have verbal misunderstandings, which requires more patience. As for those who plan to change jobs or start a business, it is recommended not to rush forward in the Year of the Rabbit, you need to make more arrangements, understand the direction of the industry you want to develop, and then make a long-term decision.

1982: Year of Renxu/壬戌年 (age 42)

Wealth luck is relatively stable, but there will be more unexpected expenses, it is recommended to buy physical objects to preserve value. It is also easy to lose money due to family members and friends in the new year. If the other party makes a request for a financial loan, it is recommended to do what you can, and it is not advisable to exceed the scope of personal ability to avoid being involved. Fortunately, your career is developing well, you have a new direction in your work, and your studies are going well, so you might as well enrol in advanced courses for self-improvement.

1970: Year of Gengxu/庚戌年 (age 54)

There will be new opportunities for development in the Year of the Rabbit, but it is not advisable to act rashly in the face of unfamiliar fields. It is necessary to learn more about market trends and conduct in-depth research before making a decision. In the new year, you should also pay attention to the details of the documents and contracts. Even the daily operating documents should be checked more, so as not to make careless mistakes and cause civil litigation. You may wish to ask professionals to help you to avoid falling into the law. In terms of health, you should pay attention to the problems of the throat, trachea and respiratory system. It is recommended to exercise regularly, work and rest regularly, and establish a regular lifestyle.